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 The Gods and the Erebus

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The Gods and the Erebus Empty
PostSubject: The Gods and the Erebus The Gods and the Erebus Icon_minitimeSun Mar 11, 2012 5:17 am

Creation Gods and Planar Gods - The Breakdown

The term God refers to a supreme being and is universally understood as a "perfect" creature. On Arenia there are two types of Gods, and each one has a different role in nature. The two exist in a hierarchy, with Creation Gods at the top and Planar Gods below. All of the Planar Gods are the children of the Creation Gods Arenthian and Mireluth. There were once more, but they were absorbed into the essence that is Erebus during the war which ultimately lead to both Arenthian's and Mireluth's "deaths".

Planar Gods: These are Gods which have control over a single thread of reality. They have absolute authority in the name of their Aspect, but no authority over any other part of creation as a whole. It is important to note the difference between power and authority here, because while each God is magically and physically powerful in their own right and can easily outmatch any human's capabilities, the authority they have in creation is strictly limited to their own Aspect. A God of Love can only spread love, not hatred, and vice versa.

Planar Gods are not omnipotent, nor are they omnipresent, but they are omniscient up to a point. A Planar God will know everything in the world as it happens, and has happened, but cannot see the future. Planar Gods can be killed by the Mythica, a God-slaying sword invented during the war with Erebus. When a Planar God is killed the murderer inherits the powers of the God, in a self-imposed way for the universe to keep the balance.

Note: The Planar Gods who were infected and killed during the war with Erebus did not have their powers transferred, as the Erebus had merged with the Gods in question and melded the power with his own.

Creation Gods: These Gods are omnipotent, which in itself is self explanatory. They have authority over every part of creation and not just one. They, like Planar Gods, are omniscient up to the point of current time. They are aware of everything as it happens, but cannot see the future. They are also omnipresent in that they can be anywhere they want to be at any time, touch all of creation with their presence just by existing, and can be present in two or more places at the same time. Only Arenthian and Mireluth have ever been known to exist in this state, with the following "Goddesses" only manifesting as incomplete versions.

Creation Gods can be killed by the Mythica but their power does not disappear. It returns to the universe where it hangs in a stasis-like existence, waiting for the Universe to spill it back out in the form of a new Creation God. How long this takes is undetermined, and it is theorized by the the Gods that it may take several millennia.

Note: This is not what happened to either Arenthian or Mireluth.

Council of Twelve

Elder Gods:

Marnek - God of Wisdom and Order
Rahju - God of Beasts
Drythus - God of Death
Calick - God of Magic
Orius - God of Time
Prisimian - God of Love

Younger Gods:

Dariun - God of War
Silix - God of Life
Sorinth - God of Harvest
Vandilite - God of Invention
Kurick - God of Luck
Bob - God of Humor

The Erebus and The Bjira

The Erebus is a mass of negative magic and emotion which came into existence during the first era of the Gods. It encapsulates all of the darkness, the fear and the hatred, that resides in the hearts of men. It is through the wickedness of the people that it was allowed to come to being, and from which it draws its considerable, terrifying strength. However because of its nature the Erebus is not a 'complete' entity, and it hungers continuously for the aspects which it lacks, e.i positive emotion and positive magic. Physically the Erebus is a semi-sentient mass of darkness and ichor, which sometimes takes the form of thick smoke. Without a body it cannot be hurt or killed, making it an indestructible entity, and because it is a non-physical thing with no traditional link to magic or reality, the Erebus is outside the Creation God's direct influence. It is widely considered their antitheses.

The major reason for the fear which surrounds the mere mention of the Erebus is its poison-like effect. The Erebus is a hungry creature and it is this driving thirst which motivates it to prey upon the living. It yearns for a completeness of being, a "perfection" it cannot obtain, to stop the hunger of its continuous starvation. When it comes into contact with a living being it assimilates the person into its whole, winding its tendrils into the person and filling their mind and body. Over time it consumes the positive aspects of a person, the things which the Erebus lacks, leaving behind the shell of a human filled with only their darker instincts and desires. Although this person retains their own sense of individuality, their minds become warped by the Erebus' influence, and the desires of the darkness become their own as well. What the Erebus wants, they want, and so they become its willing soldiers.

These people, called Bjira (translated to "Taken"), become twisted by the corruption of Erebus' presence. Their blood turns black and ichor-like, spreading the corruption through their veins, now visible beneath the skin. The ichor bleeds into the eyes, turning the whites black. Their bodies change further to suit their new master, growing fangs with which to inject their newly acquired venom and claw-like nails coated in a similar substance. This venom is used to infect others, and through the Bjira the plague has continued to spread long after Erebus was sealed behind Arenthian's Gate. The Bjira act as the darkness' single connection to the outside world - a connection which is purely spiritual, but malign all the same.

The corruption of Erebus can be obtained one of two ways. One must be within the presence of the Erebus, or be bitten or cut by the fangs or claws of a Bjira. Once tainted through either method, the corruption is impossible to resist - it can be delayed from taking complete hold by a strong willed individual, but only for so long. There is no known cure.

The Sacred Pool and Arenthian's Gate - The War with Erebus

The Goddess Ascension

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The Gods and the Erebus

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